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Cultivation and Processing of Bast Crops in Lithuania

Edgar Babanov 

Baltic Bast Crops Growers' and Producers' Association

Vilnius, Lietuva

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Currently hemp production is gaining increasing significance in Europe, especially taking into account the potential of hemp in different sectors of industry.

Historically Lithuania has always been an agrarian country. The agriculture, the industries and the economy of the country were based on bast crops: flax and hemp. 

This article gives a short practical overview of the historical, technological and economic conditions of cultivation and processing of bast crops in Lithuania, also providing strategic guidelines for further recovery and development of this sector. Scientific research institutions specialising in different fields play a key role in this process. Special focus is given to education and training of specialists on hemp cultivation and processing, stressing the importance of cooperation with the Ukrainian scientists and researchers in this field.



Key words bast crops, flax, hemp, textile, building materials